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VICTORIOUS - August 28, 2021

The day is packed with AMAZING speakers who have been itching to share their wisdom and the most amazing community you maybe didn't even know you needed.

Hosted by Jilene & Duane Hay (Thrive Family Essentials)

Topics include:
- Happy Hormones Everyone with Amy Lenius
- Time: Today's Investment is Tomorrow's Freedom with Adam Green
- Love your Guts: Gut Health & Supplements with Lauren Lewis
- Stress: Taming the Monster Under Your Bed with Carla Green
- Gettin' to Livin': the YL Lifestyle with Paris Simpson
- Cleaning the Tank: Balancing Your Microbiome with Vicki & Demetri Karogiannis
- Gratitude & Growth: Authentically Rocking your Young Living Business with Laurence Curtis
- Growing through the seasons: Tips from YL Canada's top leaders

Plus you'll hear some powerful stories from some of our dearest friends throughout the day.

Did you know that the laurel leaf is a symbol for “victory”? That’s why you see it in the event logo here. It also happens to be one of my favorite, fresh-scent oils...”Lauris Nobilis”...which also has been known to be helpful for certain...um...let’s just say it helps you breathe 💨 

Virtual Tickets are CA $30 and you will have access to all talks for 6 months!!

Ignite & Elevate
September 11, 2021
Live in person events
- powerfully impact lives
- have a unique energy not found in virtual events
- spark new friends and relationships
- fan the flames of current relationships
- are FUN!!!
- provide entertainment and variety that every human needs and craves

Whether you are local or live far away find a way to come to this event in Red Deer Alberta!

Start the car! Road trip, whatever you have to do! Let’s see you there!

We are all needing some connection and an awesome event!
Grab your tickets! Bring your friends!

 Amazing speakers include:

Carla Green - Pain The good, the bad and the ugly.  Relieving acute and chronic pain naturally
Katrina Green - Savvy Minerals  Makeup - Making the Natural Swap! 
Shylo  Simmelink - All things Baby
Desiree Augustyn,  Alex Schoenberger & Victoria Hoffman - Ditch the Toxins
Amanda Spenst  - How to Share with Social Media 
Kristy Prescesky & Heather Doll have some surprises for you as well! 

 LSP and Corp YL will be there as well!