One of the biggest concerns I hear often is that essential oils are expensive. 

I may just have a solution for you! It's called transfer buying.

"Transfer buying" is when you use money you already have budgeted but just transfer it to the Young Living equivalent product. This video will help you understand how to make it happen and below I'd like to offer you my PDF of a transfer buying tips sheet to help you brainstorm where this could work for your needs. The unique thing about Young Living products is that, with the infusion of therapeutic quality essential oils, they enhance your health when you use them, instead of being neutral or negatively impacting your health. Hmmm Wash your floors with Thieves Household cleaner and support your immune system! I don't know of any other products that can do that. Check out the brain scans below, they will help you connect the dots further. Fun fact, the Cedarwood brain scan is my brain!

The Story of Cosmetics

This video is a quick way to learn why it is important to get the toxins out of your home.

Transfer Buying with Thieves

You are already purchasing home and personal care products.  I'd like to encourage you to watch this video to learn about the benefits of Thieves Laundry detergent. In this video, you can see the pure benefits of switching your store-bought cleaning products with products you can feel good about having in your home.

Transferring your spend to Young Living products you will find that they are highly concentrated allowing them to last longer than your traditional chemically laden products.  As you do replacement shopping you will find you will actually save money on your home and personal care budget.

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Free Products on Essential Rewards

As you transfer your spend from store bought to Young Living,  you earn points that can be used for FREE products -- giving you more for your dollar.  On top of that...Young Living also gives FREE products to each Essential Rewards member each and every month depending on how much you spend.  Now YOU really accumulate more savings to your budget being on ER! 

You can get 10-25% of your purchases back in points toward free products and earn additional free products.

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Why Young Living?

Not all oils are created equal. Find out why!