Stress Free "Scents"able Holiday Tips

Stress Free "Scents"able Holiday Tips

Holidays such as Christmas should inspire feelings of love and joy. For the majority it becomes a major stressor, financially, physically and emotionally. For some it triggers depression! Taking a proactive, “scents”able approach to the holiday season can help to promote the positive aspect of Christmas and prevent these negative scenarios! 

Young Living essential oils make unique gifts that are powerful, pleasant and can significantly affect the lives of the receiver in a positive way. 

Financial Benefits of Young Living products as gifts

  1. Become a Distributor and purchase products wholesale. Save ~24% off YL retail prices

  2. Purchasing in the Essential Rewards program provides further savings in price of products, reduced shipping costs, and earning 10-25% back in points toward free products

  3. Save your Essential Rewards points throughout the year to purchase Christmas gifts. You pay only for shipping, further reducing Christmas financial burden 

  4. Only pay shipping once: Drop ship your purchases to the gift recipients’ address

Attitude and Timing is Important: Use the Essential oils to make your Christmas experience a positive one. Wear or diffuse Christmas Spirit blend (orange, spruce, cinnamon) to help get you in a festive mood. Use the Stress Away blend when you feel yourself getting tense or agitated. Diffuse or wear the Abundance blend to attract abundance into your life. Start and finish your shopping early!

Tips for affordable essential oil gift giving: 

Young Living items for every budget can be found in the regular and Seasonal Essential   Holiday catalogues. Available online at or CAD catalog at USA Holiday catalog link 

Additional Gift Ideas beyond the current Seasonal Essential Catalogue: 

Essential oil infused Personal Care products: With therapeutic quality essential oils, a tiny amount of exposure in an everyday personal care product such as Grapefruit lip balm, Lavender shampoo or Thieves soap, brings many positive effects. Young Living personal care products DO NOT contain harsh chemical ingredients. Liven up someone’s everyday routine with the gift of a unique essential oil infused personal care product.  Your friends will be wildly enthusiastic the first time they try them!

Mini Gift: As little as one ml of a Young Living essential oil can be a powerful and welcome gift. Purchase a package of 2 ml Sampler bottles that you can fill with your favorite oils to give away (YL# 3194 $9.50 USD 25 bottles). Use these small treasures as an affordable small gift or to make regular gifts unique and special i.e. pair a book or music selection that is relaxing with a 2 ml bottle of YL Lavender or Peace and Calming.

Everyday Oils Kit: Contains Joy and Peace and Calming blends, as well as 8 other oils. YL #369503. A collection of ten 5 ml size Everyday Oils that can be used for every challenge in your life. The full kit makes an exceptional gift.  Divide the kit up and give the 5 ml bottles as individuals or pairs: The combinations are endless …use your imagination 

  1. Lemon and Frankincense for someone dealing with grief. (may lift mood) 

  2. Peppermint and Thieves oil for the students (may promote mental clarity, and support the immune system) 

  3. Peace & Calming & Lemon oil for someone struggling with anger and frustration 

  4. Lavender and Frankincense: parent of a hyperactive child or new baby

  5. Pan Away and Peppermint for someone dealing with occasional discomfort 

Small gifts for teachers, bus drivers, colleagues or Stocking Stuffer ideas:

  1. Roll on essential oils: ranging in price from $20 - $30 these handy blends make excellent powerful small gifts. Choices: *Valor (promote courage, confidence and self esteem), Tranquil (calm and relax body and mind), Rutavala (occasional lack of sleep, relaxation, rebalances energy).                                              

  2. Essential Lip Balms: Cinnamint, Lavender, or Grapefruit and New Vanilla Mint. Available in Xmas gift box set or individually. Nontoxic and moisturizing.

  3. Young Living Bar Soaps (available via NFR ordering): Long lasting moisturizing or cleansing formulas in a variety of scents: Lavender- Rosewood (calming), Lemon Sandalwood (uplifting) Melaleuca Geranium (Support skin health) Morning Start (uplifting, energizing) Peppermint Cedarwood (energizing) Sacred Mountain (grounding, protecting) Thieves (immune supporting) Valor (courage confidence) 

  4. Young Living Shampoos and Conditioners: Lavender Mint, Copaiba Vanilla (exceptional quality with soothing essential oils) 

  5. Lavender Hand and Body Lotion: Best lotion I have ever used! 

  6. Bath and Shower Gel (Available via NFR ordering): Non scented base gel (combine with a bottle of essential oil or make your own bath gel formulas and give to friends) Morning Start (energizing), Dragon Time (calming, PMS) , Evening Peace or Lavender (relaxing) 

  7. Children and Babies: Seedlings line infused with oils that calm and relax children naturally

  8. For the cook: Young Living essential oil cookbooks (YL #3947, and # 4369) paired with a bottle of any of the food flavouring oils Basil+, Cinnamon+, Black Pepper+ 

  9. Diffusers: many different choices. Unique gift! 

  10. Essential oil infused Epsom salts: Make your own blends, pack in a pretty jar and wait to hear the positive feedback. Essential oil infused baths are very powerful! 

  11. Ningxia Juice singles: quick energy for the over tired mom or executive, the athletes, the weight conscious, and students. 

  12. Ningxia Nitro (available via NFR ordering): gift an entire box or add a couple to any other gift or in Xmas stocking. Supports healthy energy levels, and focus and concentration

  13. Ningxia Zyng: a healthy alternative to toxic energy drinks. Add a couple of cans to any other gift

The Gift of Knowledge

  • From full textbooks to small pamphlets, to online education, your essential oil gifts can be paired with an educational tool. This site has many resources Online education at Health Learning Centre   

Suggested books/references (available at LSP Canada site) 

Essential oil Pocket reference

Essential oil Quick Reference Guide

Gentle Babies

No Vet for my Pet

Surviving when Modern Medicine Fails

Tear off sheets: 

No Vet for my Pet  

Animals 101

Gentle Babies
Bottle cards (Variety available) 


Pain, Stress, Vision, Ultimate Antiseptic 

Thieves household cleaner

With a little effort you can reduce your holiday stress levels, find unique and affordable gifts and have “Scents”able Holiday!