Self Care and Your Kidney Meridian
One of the biggest gifts my Traditional Chinese medical (TCM)  training gave me is the ability to take time for myself, to do things that were just for my enjoyment without feeling guilty or “should-ing” myself the entire time. 

“I should be cleaning the kitchen; I should be working on that project due next week”

A strong work ethic is something to be admired, but not at the expense of your happiness and mental health. 

I grew up in a family with hard working parents. My mother loved to watch her “afternoon soap operas” but only if she did the ironing at the same time or darning socks (Yup that’s a thing). She would justify the time she took to do something for herself by multitasking with chores. 

It was my TCM training, learning of the balance of Yin and Yang that “woke me up” to the benefits of really unplugging with a deep “guilt free” knowing that this time was essential to MY health. 

In TCM theory when we over work and don’t take time to rejuvenate ourselves, we deplete the energy in our Kidney meridian. The kidney meridian is considered the powerhouse of the body and provides energy to any organ running low on Qi (energy). Our Kidney meridian controls the function of our kidneys, adrenal glands and sex glands (fertility and sex drive), our bones and joints, our hearing, the emotions of fear and paranoia.  

Craving salty foods? Ringing in your ears?  These are classic sign of imbalance of your Kidney energy pathway.  Spend a few minutes daily doing acupressure on Kidney 1, on the sole of your foot to support this important pathway. Jumping jacks or marching on the spot are other ways to stimulate this point.  
Inhaling the aroma of Geranium helps you to feel calm and grounded, feelings which nourish the Kidney meridian system.
On my journey to put my AutoImmune Hashimotos disease into remission, radical self care was part of my path to recovery. In bed by 10 am each night. Time to exercise and listen to guided meditation daily. I love a good home spa session as nothing makes you feel more pampered than some tender loving care to your skin. 

Here is one of my favourite routines:
  • In a bowl of warm water, add ½ tsp Himilayan salt mixed with 2 drops of YL tea tree oil. Soak your fingers for 5 minutes then pat dry. Massage YL Lavender Lip balm into to cuticles to nourish and hydrate them
  • Get a warm moist face cloth and wipe your face clean. Apply a pea sized amount of YL Lavender mint facial scrub and with circular motions gently rub over your entire face, removing all the old dull skin cells and stimulate the circulation to the skin. Gently wash off the residual scrub. 
  • Don’t forget those lips. Using the YL poppyseed lip scrub gently rub the entire lip area, removing the old skin cells, providing a base for your favourite lip product. During the week I love the fresh scent of Grapefruit lip balm. When I want my lips to “pop” I add an extra drop of YL Cinnamon or Thieves oil to the Cinnamint lip balm, and it works like a “lip plumper”.  (caution it may feel a bit hot) Top it off with YL Uptown Girl Savvy lip stick and I am ready for date night. 
  • To top this spa date off, nourish your face with a layer of ART light moisturizing cream, and give your eyes some extra TLC with the YL Wolfberry eye cream. This incredible product helps to clear up dark circles, puffiness and tighten the undereye skin. 
  • A dab of Geranium oil on your wrists and earlobes to help you feel calm, grounded and beautiful is the crowning touch on your home spa session. 
Now that you understand the importance of self care on an energetic and physiological level, book yourself regular self care sessions. When those guilty feelings start to creep in, you have the science to chase them away! 

Here's a great book I recommend reading: 

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