Did you know that a strong body of modern scientific evidence supports the wolfberry's legendary reputation?
Ancient references cited the wolfberry's ability to aid and protect the pancreas.* And modern Chinese scientists have determined that the wolfberry polysaccharide has “definite protective effects” on the pancreas cells that regulate the body's insulin system, the islets of Langerhans.*
Other researchers have determined that substances found in wolfberries have “prominent hepatoprotective activity,” meaning that they help protect the liver.*
Studies done in Beijing, China, show wolfberries to be effective in inhibiting inflammation and that they may induce an immune response.*
A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association concluded, “Wolfberry juice and its mixtures were shown to have immunomodulatory effects... by increasing splenic (spleen) microphages and splenic weight.”* There are a number of other studies that correlate increased spleen weight and improved immunological function.
Domestic and Foreign magazine published a story in the 1950s about the great herbal master Li Qingyun who lived more than 200 years and died in 1930. Li attributed his longevity to taking five grams of wolfberries every day. Li said, “From then on I became healthy and agile. I can walk a hundred li (a li equals half a kilometer) and not feel tired. I became better in strength and stamina than the average person.”
As studies continue, the science is clear—this remarkable fruit provides an abundance of health benefits!*
Not Just Any Wolfberry
The Ningxia variety of Lycium barbarum, as reported by the Xinhaua News Agency, “is far superior to ordinary Chinese wolfberry in both tonic effects and economic results.” Of the eighty different species of wolfberries worldwide, the Lycium barbarum variety of Ningxia is believed to have the highest levels of immune-stimulating polysaccharides.* Due to its superior quality, some medical studies done on the wolfberry have specified the use of the Ningxia wolfberry. And the Ningxia wolfberry won three gold prizes in the China Agricultural Fair and a gold prize in the Malaysia International Food Fair.
Ningxia's Perfect Geography for Wolfberries
The Huang He (Yellow) River originates in the Himalayan Mountains and flows through the Ningxia Province. This river creates a unique, mineral-rich, super fertile silt-water flood plain found nowhere else on earth. This unique geography produces incomparable wolfberries. Called “China's herbal medicine valley,” the area meets all of the stringent rules for China's prestigious “Green Certificate.”
A Perfect Infusion
NingXia Red
® uses only natural, whole-fruit Ningxia wolfberry puree to retain more health benefits of the wolfberry. From the patented puree process in Ningxia, China, to the careful blending and bottling in glass, the nutritional value of Ningxia wolfberries is preserved in each and every bottle of NingXia Red.