Natural ways to support health while traveling
Traveling changes our daily habits and can certainly put an extra burden on our immune system. But there are many ways to reduce the damage and to make traveling more enjoyable.

I have gathered information from credible medical sources as well as my own professional education and although these products won't necessarily prevent you from getting sick, each can benefit the body and boost the immune systems in a way that reduce getting sick or reduce symptoms. Give one or more of these natural remedies a try and drop me a note on your favorites!

1) Supporting healthy bowels, and dealing with occasional bowel upset

YL Life 9 Probiotics: Be sure to have lots with you. Take 1 capsule daily for prevention. With occasional acute diarrhea you can take one every hour until diarrhea stops. 

YL Inner Defense capsules: This is a synergistic blend of essential oils including oregano and thyme oil and the Thieves blend. It can be used for supporting the immune system against a variety of challenges common to travelling (ingestion of spoiled food, exposure to parasites. etc) ... 1-2 capsules 3 times a day. Prevention 1 cap/week! If this blend upsets your stomach, take it with food, or open capsule and rub on soles of feet. 

YL Essential oils choices: *Peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, oregano, clove, *lemon, or *Thieves blend. Nutmeg has been shown in numerous medical studies to have a powerful action against occasional diarrhea. 

2) Supporting healthy digestion and dealing with occasional digestive upset

Nausea Bracelets: An inexpensive band that is worn on the wrist (one or both). A magnet applies pressure and magnetic stimulation to Pe 6, the most powerful acupuncture point for nausea of any kind (motion sickness, stomach flu, morning sickness, drug side effects). Put on bracelets before traveling if motion sickness is a problem. Can apply your choice of essential oil to the acupressure point before applying the bracelet. 
YL Essential oil choices:Ginger:Sip on fresh ginger tea, or ginger essential oil added to water or a drop under the tongue (A 1982 study revealed that ginger was more effective than the drug Dramamine for reducing occasional motion sickness) 

*Peppermint:  Sip on peppermint tea, or peppermint oil added to water. Peppermint oil can be applied on the abdomen and behind the ears. Patchouli:very effective, has been found to reduce gastrointestinal muscle contractions associated with occassional vomiting. Di Gize Blend: blend of 8 essential oils including the 3 above recommendations. 
Good article for more information:

3) Colds/Flu

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in a dropper bottle: Lie on your side and place 3 -4 drops hydrogen peroxide in the ear. Leave in place for 5 minutes. Repeat in opposite ear. Use at first sign of symptoms. This can be repeated several times a day if needed. (For full details read complete article at this site:

*YL Thieves blend essential oil: available as oil, hard or soft lozenge. Thieves is a powerful immune supporting blend of oils. Rub on soles of feet every morning to give protection especially on flight day. At first sign of illness take 1 drop orally or use Thieves lozenge. This can be repeated several times a day as needed. Use lozenges on airplane, one for every 4 hours of flying. 

YL Thieves Hand Sanitizer and/or Spray: to clean and disinfect hands and other surfaces. Spray down bed linen in hotel rooms.

YL Inner Defense capsules: Has immune supporting effects. 1-2 capsules 3 times a day when symptoms appear, 1 capsule per week for preventative. Take one before boarding airplane. 

*YL Lemon essential oil: use to flavor water as supports immune system, use to disinfect surfaces

YL ImmuPro: powerful at supporting the immune system

4) Basic Jet Lag Protocol: for an Advanced Jet Lag prevention protocol, email a request to 

YL Sleep Essence capsules: natural sleep support with essential oils and a small amount of melatonin.

Proteus light sound therapy machine: A light weight portable machine that is excellent for treating insomnia, jet lag as well as fatigue, moods etc. Battery operated. Using light and sound it entrains your brain into the chosen brain wave pattern (Delta to induce sleep). Contact us for purchase information 

YL ImmuPro: Supports immune system and contains Melatonin: You can use melatonin to help you with jet lag by taking before bedtime, for a couple of days before you leave. Then, once you are on your way, switch the time you take it to when you would be going to sleep at your destination, and continue this new pattern for a couple of days after you arrive.

YL Essential oils: *Lavender, *Peace and Calming, Tranquility, Rutavala.  Apply to feet at bedtime. *Peppermint or Clarity blend when needing to be mentally alert.

5) Sunburn

YL Ningxia Red Juice: Taking antioxidant supplements with mixed carotenoids helps protect against sunburns (I call it “internal sun protectionJ”) Carotenoids help absorb UV rays of the sun. (Ningxia Red Juice is high in carotenoids, available in single dose packages for ease of use when traveling)

YL Lavaderm Cooling Mist: an essential oil blend of lavender, aloe and water in a spray bottle. Quick relief of sunburn and minor skin irritations. Supports skin health

YL Claraderm Blend: powerful blend of essential oils in coconut oil base, helpful in prevention and treatment of skin irritation from the sun. 

6) Insect bites, stings, hives

*YL Essential oil choices: Purification Essential Oil:Can be used to cleanse cuts and scrapes. May help neutralize the poison of bites from spiders, bees, wasps, scorpions and rattlesnakes. (Seek medical attention as well)  Can be used as insect deterrent. Excellent to use in travel diffuser to keep insects away from your campsite, picnic table etc.*Lavender 

Essential Oil: Cleanse cuts, scrapes, bites. Supports normal inflammatory response *Pan Away, Melrose:Both excellent blends for insect bites
Bed Bug spray(Put oils only in empty Thieves spray bottle 10 drops of Palo Santo, 6 drops of Eucalyptus Blue, 5 drops of Cedarwood. Add water when you arrive at destination) Spray down mattress, pillows and sheets before using them. 
"Insect away" spray(Put oils only in empty Thieves spray bottle 25-30 drops each of 
Purification, Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint,  E. Radiata. Add water when you arrive at destination)  OR mix a drop of Purification with Thieves hand sanitizer and apply to exposed skin for excellent non toxic protection from annoying critters. 

7) Occasional Fever

YL ImmuPro and Inner Defense: excellent choices

YL Essential oil choices: *Peppermint essential oil:Apply to the feet, rub on back of neck, forehead. Avoid the eyes. Flavor water. Do not use orally or topically near the face on small children.*Lavender essential oil:  Can combine with peppermint. Apply to feet, back of neck. 

8) Occasional Discomfort

Microplus TENS machine:small battery operated machine with electrodes. Can be applied to any painful area to reduce pain and promote tissue healing. (Contact us for purchase information) 
YL OmegaGize3 fish oil:Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil): Supports normal  inflammatory response. Dose 4 capsules/day

YL Essential oil choices: *Peppermint essential oil:Apply on location. Avoid open skin*PanAway essential oil or Deep 

Relief Roll on: Potent blends that support normal inflammatory response and soothe discomfort. 
YL Orthosport Massage oil:A premixed massage oil blend that can be applied liberally to any are of discomfort. To increase strength of this formula you can add extra drops of Pan Away or Peppermint to the bottle (10 drops)


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